What Pokémon Go players want to know in its official launch

Pokémon Go: What Pokémon players want in its Official Launch article What Pokémon GO players want for the Official Launch of the game?

I think we all know the answer: the ability to catch Pikachu and Kanto Pikachu.

But there are other Pokémon players are interested in that aren’t just the Pikachu or Kanto ones.

I think the biggest demand I can think of is the Pokémon Trainer Training Camp.

So that’s what we’re going to do on the official launch day, right?

I can’t wait for the Pokémon Trainers to show up in our real world.

That’s the goal, and the goal is to make the Trainer Camp a real place, not just an online training ground.

We’re going into the game thinking we want to build a real Pokémon Trainer Camp, and we’re also going into this thinking that we want it to be something that you can play at your leisure.

You can just log in, and go to your favorite online Pokémon Camps and see if you want to play there.

That was something that I really enjoyed as a player, so I think there’s going to be a lot of excitement about it.

That being said, we want you to have a great experience, so that’s the main focus.

And as I mentioned before, we’re not going to release the Pokémon Go beta to everyone, so there’s a lot more to the Pokémon experience than just catching Pokémon.

There’s a number of other things, too, like the new map system, the game will have an actual game mode, and there’s some new features that we’re excited about.

But the biggest part of the Pokémon GO experience is the Trainer Center, which is the place where you can meet up with other players and learn about the game, get some tips on how to play the game better, and so on.

That is what we call the Trainer Centre, and it’s the first part of what we want players to have when they log into the Pokémon game.

It will be the place for players to find Pokémon, so we’re really excited about that.

Let’s talk a little bit more about that, though, because we’re still a little ways away from Pokémon Go’s official launch.

We’ve had some players asking us about whether we’ve got Pokémon Go in the game yet, and that’s actually kind of the first question we’ve heard.

And what I’ll say is that we’ve been doing a lot to try and keep that secret.

We want to make sure that when players log into Pokémon Go that they’re able to play it the way they want.

We wanted to make it feel like you were playing the game with friends, and if you don’t have a friend with you, you can’t play with your friends.

So when we launched the Pokémon League mode, we were doing some testing, and you can see that in the Pokémon Lab.

You’re going, “Oh, you guys just played together in this little Lab.

What kind of Pokémon do you have?

You’re playing with your best friends, right?”

That’s really the first step of getting that out there, so you know that the game is going to have some features that are unique to that, and then we’ll be testing them out as we go through the game.

So if you’re like, “Man, I love that I’m in a League with friends,” that’s great.

But if you’ve never played in a Trainer League before, and maybe you’ve only played in League mode with friends a few times, you’re probably not going, and even if you are, we’ve never really talked about that before.

So the way that we are going to make that experience feel like we’re playing a real League, I think it will be different.

The biggest thing is that you’re going in with friends who are going in the same League, so if you go into the gym and you’re in a gym with someone, and they’re not in the gym, you’ll be in a different gym, and those people will be your teammates.

That means you can have a lot better experiences.

But we’ve also seen that the experience is pretty good in other modes.

For example, if you have a Pokémon League with your parents, it will look like you’re playing in a real gym with them, because the Pokémon will be visible and you’ll see your parents and they’ll be at the gym.

So it will feel like a real experience.

We also want to be really clear about what Pokémon you’re catching.

If you catch a Pokémon, that means that you are playing the Pokémon, and not just watching the video.

So even if it’s a Pokémon that you don-t catch, we will still let you know, and will tell you what Pokémon your opponent has, so it’s clear what Pokémon the opponent is holding.

So you’ll get to know your opponent, and when they catch a certain Pokémon

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