What are these buildings, and why are they in the news?

In the past few years, new apartment buildings have popped up all over Los Angeles.

Many of them were built in the 1990s or 2000s, but many others have popped back up in recent years, like the recently completed apartment building called Vevivio that houses the new Apartment Building, located in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles area.

The building was designed by the famous architecture firm Mies van der Rohe, which also designed the towers of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel and the Beverly Hills Art Museum.

Vevivalio is one of the few new apartment towers that hasn’t yet been demolished, and it is being built by a new developer, Apartment Builders, who has a history of demolishing buildings in the neighborhood.

It is being done under a very restrictive, low-key style of building, and there’s not a lot of signage.

The buildings are still relatively small, and they are designed to be very intimate.

But the concept of the apartments and the apartment building is a very big departure from the architecture of the classic high-rise towers of Beverly Hills.

“There’s something about a lot more of these small, intimate apartments that is really unique and fresh,” says Mike Matson, the architect behind the apartment buildings.

“We wanted to do something different and different is what we did.”

A new kind of living The buildings in Vevivo are in the process of being demolished, but there are still some that are in use, including one that’s already been converted into a new apartment building.

The apartments in Vivivo, located at 2317 Wilshire Blvd., are a little different than the rest of the buildings in town.

They have their own courtyard, which is surrounded by an underground parking lot.

The space is spacious and comfortable.

They are also surrounded by a courtyard, and the balconies are a bit higher.

There are also smaller rooms with a large living area on the second floor.

Matson says they’re not as cramped as other apartments in the area, but they do have a couple of other differences that make them different from the other buildings in this neighborhood.

For starters, Veviva is an apartment building, not a hotel.

They’re not even close to being a hotel in the traditional sense.

“I can’t think of a single other building that has two floors of living and then two stories of living,” Matson explains.

They also have an outside patio, which Matson describes as “a very unique space that has no privacy.”

Matson also says that there are some things that are new in Vivo.

They’ve gone with a different style of lighting for the apartments, and that includes using LED lights instead of traditional light fixtures.

They were also able to design the apartments with different kinds of windows.

Mitsen says that the apartments have more balconies than in the classic buildings in Beverly Hills, which made it a little easier to fit in a kitchen on the third floor.

“It’s a bit more compact than the other ones that are going to be demolished, which makes them easier to use,” Matsen says.

The new apartments in town, however, aren’t necessarily new buildings, but rather something new that has been building in L.A. for quite some time.

The concept of apartments in Los Angeles is still pretty new in many ways.

“Vevivios have been in the works for a long time,” says Matson.

And with all of these new apartments being built, Matson thinks that the next big thing will be apartments. “

And then the apartments started popping up in the 1970s, so we’ve been looking at new concepts for a while now.”

And with all of these new apartments being built, Matson thinks that the next big thing will be apartments.

“In the next five years, we’re going to see a lotmore of these apartments pop up, and so we think that’s going to change the architecture,” he says.

“So we’re definitely looking forward to that.”

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