The Latest on the construction of the new Thompson Building in New York

A building that was supposed to be completed in 2018 has been delayed until 2019, due to the construction delays of Hurricane Harvey.

The new building will replace a Thompson building that went up in 2005.

In November, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) gave New York City permission to proceed with the construction project.

FEMA’s decision was made in response to the need to create housing for low-income and elderly New Yorkers who had been displaced by Hurricane Sandy in 2017.

The construction was supposed a year earlier but was delayed by Hurricane Harvey, which also affected the city’s flood control system.

FEMA had initially scheduled the building to be ready in 2018, but that was later delayed due to Hurricane Harvey and the storm’s effect on the city.

In May, FEMA issued a permit for the construction to move forward.

It was expected to be finished by November 2019.

The Thompson Building, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, was completed in 2005, and the project was supposed for completion in 2019.

FEMA issued the permit to the Thompson building, which was built in 1974, but the new building was supposed, in June 2017, to be built in 2021.

The building was to be complete in 2019, but construction delays have prevented that date from being met.

In January 2018, the city issued a request to delay the completion of the project, but FEMA had already given permission to the building’s construction to proceed.

The New York Times reports that the project had been in the works for nearly a year.

In an interview with the Times, Thompson Construction President and CEO Michael P. Thompson told the paper that construction of what would be a six-story building was still on track.

The project would have been completed in the spring of 2019, and construction would have commenced by May 2021, he said.

He said that the city had been negotiating with Thompson Construction for a year and a half about a possible completion date.

“We’re going to work with the city,” he said, “and we’ll be able to make a decision at some point in the fall.”

Picking up the pieces, however, has been a challenge.

“I feel like we’re not getting a break on the Thompson Building,” Thompson Construction Executive Vice President and General Manager Steve Lacey told the Times.

“The federal government has been very, very helpful.”

According to a letter from FEMA, the project will have a “high probability” of causing significant construction delays.

“This is going to be a big project,” Thompson told The Times.

The city is also working on plans for a new high-rise on the site of the old building, with the intention of redeveloping the old site into a hotel, office and residential development.

“They’re going into the market and they’re going in to make the city better,” Poulsen told The New Yorker.

“But the real question is: What is the city going to do with all the vacant land?

And I don’t think we’re going for a very long time.”

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