How to make Malzahar the best map in the game

Posted March 11, 2018 08:12:18Malzahar is the best of the best in the MOBA game, and that makes the map so good that it can’t even compete with other maps.

The fact that the game has so much content makes it so challenging to play against, so many different heroes and styles, and so many heroes and strategies.

The best players know how to play, and the best players learn.

For example, the last time we tested a map with a lot of towers and jungle camps, the best team played against it.

They got destroyed by Malzhar, but they got the victory.

That’s how Malzahars maps work, and it’s how they can make Malzan’s top tier map work for every hero.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

In this guide, we will be looking at the most popular heroes in the competitive scene, and how they work in the Malzagas jungle.

We will also take a look at some of the heroes that are not only popular, but also viable for their team.

This map was released back in January, and there are so many variants and ways to play it.

If you want to see a different map, check out the official Malzapedia page.

We also have a very good video walkthrough on how to start playing Malzhahars.

As the name suggests, Malzakas jungle is a wide open expanse, and you are never safe.

Malzabadas jungle, as the name implies, has a lot to offer.

Malziare, the hero that has been in the meta for so long, has been reworked into a more defensive hero.

He is now a ranged hero with high mobility, which allows him to take advantage of a lot more space than before.

He can also push out from a very far distance, which is great for taking down towers and camps.

He also has an ability called “Kissing”, which is basically an escape that lets him walk right past enemy wards and creep waves.

He has also had a reworked ult that gives him vision over the map for the duration of the game, making him much more threatening than before, and can be used to catch enemy heroes off guard.

In addition, you can use his “Tiger Eye” ability to see through the terrain to an extent, allowing you to peek through buildings and other structures that aren’t actually there.

These are all very powerful abilities that make the game a bit more interesting, especially since Malzas jungle can be so unforgiving.

There are two main lanes to play in Malzash, the jungle and the river.

This jungle is also very similar to the one seen in other MOBA games, which are the same lanes as League of Legends.

The main difference is that Malzazar’s jungle has a much bigger jungle camp than the one in League of Heroes, so there is a lot less space to be exploited.

The jungle is divided into two lanes: the middle lane and the outer lane.

The middle lane contains a small number of jungle creeps that are much harder to deal with, which makes the game more rewarding for both sides.

This is especially true if you are going for an early game lead and want to take down enemy heroes before they can do much damage.

The outer lane is a bit harder to take out, but is often a more important lane than the middle.

Both of these lanes are very strong against enemy team compositions, and both of them can also be used as a base for your team.

The most important thing to remember about the lane is that it is not meant to be a “safe lane.”

In the midgame, you will be able to push out and take down some enemy heroes, but this is not what Malzares objective is.

This objective is to make sure that your team can defend against enemy teams’ attacks and objectives.

This means that the outer jungle is where most of your team’s jungle creeps spawn, and is where they attack and farm the most.

The jungle will be the place where your team will fight most of the time, so it is very important to have a good understanding of the map and your team compositions.

If your team has been playing a lot with a certain hero in the middle, you might want to consider bringing him in to fight for them.

If it is a more aggressive team, it might be a good idea to make your team swap out one of your jungle creeps for a more offensive hero.

If there is no aggressive hero on your team, you should probably consider bringing a melee hero instead.

This is a very difficult lane to play on.

The enemy team is very strong in the jungle, and will probably be able in the midlane.

This makes it very easy for the enemy team to take control of the middlelane, which means that it’s often a very dangerous lane.

This lane also provides very high levels of gold, and has one

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