Which NFL players can’t wait for next season?

BUFFALO — There’s nothing more American than a football team, right?

I’m talking about the Bills.

It’s what I know, anyway.

I’m a Bills fan, even if I’m not a hardcore Bills fan.

The Bills are one of the few NFL franchises that has had an identity in the post-Olympic world.

After years of being viewed as a joke by people who don’t care about the game and a relic of the 1980s and ’90s, the Bills are finally getting a new identity and a new stadium.

The stadium project is being overseen by the NFL Players Association and the Bills have been awarded a $1 billion loan from the NFL to build a $2 billion, privately funded stadium.

And while that might sound like a lot of money, Bills fans should be grateful for it.

Bills fans have been waiting for the franchise to finally get its stadium built for years, so this project is going to be a lot easier on them than building a new building that cost $10 million or $20 million.

Buffalo’s stadium has a history of being a disappointment.

The team played at the old Pegula Stadium in 2010 and 2011 and the fans and the players all thought the new stadium was going to do better than what was at the end of that decade.

It was a big disappointment, too, as the Bills played a couple of mediocre games in the 2015 preseason before blowing out the Jaguars 38-0 in the Super Bowl.

So when the Bills finally get their stadium built, they should be able to rest easy knowing they’re getting the best possible home for the Bills in the NFL.

But before you go running to the grocery store and grabbing your groceries to fill up on the cheapest options, there’s one thing that the Bills might have to worry about.

The teams’ lease is up in 2019.

There are rumors that the team might try to renegotiate the contract.

This will be a huge blow to the Bills, especially after this project got the NFLPA’s blessing in 2016 and the league approved it.

So the Bills should be taking care of their finances and making sure they’re not hurting their franchise.

But that’s not what the NFL is doing.

They’re doing the opposite.

The NFLPA is going out and buying the team and the franchise.

The new stadium is going up, the team is moving, the owners have to get ready to sell, and there are all kinds of things happening simultaneously.

So how can we make sure that the franchise doesn’t go through the same pain and hardship as other teams?

The Bills could have an easy time keeping the stadium open, but it won’t be easy.

The building won’t work, and the stadium will still have to be cleaned and remodeled.

So we’ve got to get the franchise out of Buffalo.

It is important to understand that the new Bills stadium is not going to look or feel like the old stadium.

It won’t have the iconic green and white roof.

The roof is going be made of glass, not marble, which is why it looks more like a soccer stadium.

There will be seats and a roof that is designed for the Superdome.

The seats will have an in-game scoreboard, and those seats will also have video boards that will play pregame and postgame games.

There is no way to see the scoreboard on the outside of the stadium because of the height and distance between the stadium and the field.

There won’t even be a scoreboard in the tunnel leading to the field, which means that the stadium’s fans can’t even get a seat in the field without walking to the tunnel.

There’ll also be no scoreboard inside the stadium, because there will be no fans in the stadium when the stadium opens.

There’s going to have to go somewhere else, so the Bills will have to find a new home somewhere.

The city of Buffalo is in the process of looking at a new soccer stadium that will be built on top of the old PNC stadium.

That stadium has been a disappointment, so there are some things the city can do to make the new soccer team better.

One of those things is to buy a team and bring the team to Buffalo.

If the Bills can acquire the franchise, they can make the Bills the team that fans want to see in the future.

So I know what you’re thinking: How could the Bills buy a football franchise?

And what could they do to get it here?

First, it is important that the owners take ownership.

The ownership group of the Buffalo Bills has been working on a plan for several years to buy the franchise from the city of New York, and it has come to fruition.

The owners are hoping that the city’s approval of the plan can be enough to move forward with the project.

If they can get the city to approve the plan, then the owners can get a team.

And if they can buy the team, the ownership

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