Which companies are doing the best in the auto industry?

Breitbart News has learned from sources inside the auto sector that the major automakers are doing exceptionally well in the wake of the government shutdown.

As a result, automakers are making more than ever before.

The reason for this, according to sources familiar with the industry, is that they are making significant investments in the research and development of their vehicles.

One source said that GM, Ford, and Chrysler, which together make up nearly half of the auto market, have all invested heavily in research and advanced technologies.

These investments have allowed them to increase their production capabilities and reduce their vehicle manufacturing costs.

This has helped to boost profits for the companies and has given them an edge in the automotive market, a market where profits are the primary focus.

One of the most significant recent investments by GM and Ford was a $2.2 billion investment into the research & development of the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Ford, in turn, invested $1.5 billion into the Ford Fusion Hybrid electric vehicle, which it expects to be a hit.

In addition to investing in advanced technology, the automakers are also spending billions of dollars on advanced manufacturing processes.

According to the sources, GM and Fiat Chrysler are the most aggressive in this effort.

Both of these companies have invested heavily into new plants and in research facilities to improve the quality of their products.

In fact, sources close to GM and Chrysler said that both companies are already producing cars that are better than they were even a year ago.

This new technology is making it more and more difficult for automakers to compete in the global auto market.

But the automakers have also been investing heavily in their research and technical capabilities.

According a source, the Detroit automakers have already developed a technology that will allow them to make vehicles that can go 100 miles per hour in a half second, as well as to create self-driving cars.

In the last year, GM has invested over $1 billion in its research and testing facilities, which are in Michigan and in North Carolina.

According the sources quoted above, both GM and the Fiat Chrysler have also invested significant amounts in new research and production facilities in Mexico, where GM has its plants.

The investments are all part of a wider effort by the automakers to improve their vehicles and their vehicles to better compete with each other.

GM and Honda recently announced plans to build more than 1,000 new plant in Mexico over the next five years.

This will add to the 1,800 GM has already opened in the U.S. to manufacture cars.

According another source, GM’s plans to open new factories in Mexico and in China are part of its efforts to improve its manufacturing capabilities.

In this regard, sources say that the new factories will increase GM’s overall production capacity by more than 2,000 vehicles per year, which is expected to result in an increase in profitability for the company and its shareholders.

In 2015, GM reported that it had completed the construction of its first $1 trillion factory in Mexico.

The new factory is scheduled to be completed by 2020.

A source close to the company said that the factory is expected in the state of Jalisco, which will become the site of a $1,000 billion manufacturing facility.

Sources also confirmed that the Mexican government has made clear that the construction plans for the new factory have been put on hold while the government is trying to deal with the government-imposed economic crisis.

Sources close to Fiat Chrysler said, “The company is working on a plan to build an 800,000-square-foot factory in China.”

Fiat Chrysler is one of the world’s largest automakers.

In its 2014 fiscal year, Fiat Chrysler earned revenues of $4.4 billion, up from $4 billion in 2014.

This is not the first time Fiat Chrysler has built new factories abroad.

In 2008, Fiat said that it planned to build a new factory in Portugal.

The company then said that they were not able to secure financing for this project and decided to build the factory in India instead.

In a statement released in February, Fiat stated that the decision to build factories in India was the result of the fact that “in the past, we had had some difficulties securing financing for such projects.

As the economy recovered in 2015, we decided to increase our manufacturing capacity in India.”

In 2016, Fiat also announced that it was building its first factory in Germany.

This factory will be located in the city of Bremen.

According Fiat, this factory will create 100,000 jobs.

The factory will employ over 600 people.

The sources close said that, as a result of this investment, the automaker expects to make significant investments.

The two biggest sources of funding for Fiat Chrysler and other automakers in the recent months has come from China, where the company has invested $20 billion in research, development, and capital expenditures.

According our sources, Fiat is spending $5 billion to build research and facilities in China.

Fiat is also making investments in research centers in North America, including in Michigan, California, New Jersey, and Texas.

The investment is

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