When Nzxt builds a custom kernel, it builds itself using an experimental C++11 compiler

Updated February 18, 2018 12:06:12The Nzx platform, which is designed to run on the Raspberry Pi 2, uses a modified version of GCC, the latest version of the popular cross-platform compiler that powers most desktop Linux distributions.

But that doesn’t mean it’s compatible with existing Linux systems.

The NZx build is built using a modified GCC, but it doesn’t run Linux, the platform’s primary target platform, Nzks developers said in a blog post on Wednesday.

Instead, it uses an experimental, C++14 compiler.

That’s a change from the standard GCC build that builds and runs Linux kernels.

It’s a significant change.

GCC was designed to build Linux kernels using the Linux kernel source code and to be able to build new ones without any changes to the kernel itself.

But the latest Linux kernel, 4.4.5, has some major changes in GCC, which means that it’s not yet fully supported by most Linux distributions yet.

Nzxt, which stands for Newzxt Linux, is a Linux distribution built with an experimental compiler that’s not necessarily suitable for running on a regular Linux kernel.

And NzX, which was launched in February, is only intended to be used with an Nz kernel build.NZX uses a C++17 compiler that uses a different implementation of C++ that GCC is known to be using.

The C++15 compiler is the standard version of C that has been used by many Linux kernels, so it’s the one that Nz uses.

It uses the C++ standard to provide a high level of control over how the compiler is built.NXT uses the new C++ Standard Library, which has been designed to be compatible with the C standard that was designed by the C committee in C++13.

GCC has its own version of this C++ compiler, but its developers decided to go with the newer version instead of making it compatible with GCC.

This C++18 compiler has its advantages over GCC.

It’s designed to handle complex, multi-threaded code that can’t be handled with GCC’s current C++ syntax.

And it supports dynamic linking, a technology that lets developers build an application that will be loaded into the CPU of a machine without the need for the application to be recompiled.

The C++ team at NzXT is trying to make GCC’s C++ 17-style compiler a little more portable, which would mean that NZX can run on more systems and, in the case of the Raspberry pi 2, on a wider range of Linux distributions and architectures.

But even if Nz does become a more mainstream Linux distribution, there are still many differences between GCC and the standard C++.

The GCC developers are working on improving GCC to make the differences less noticeable.

This post has been updated to include Nzox comments.

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