What do we know about the poppies that were built at the Steel Building Homes project in KwaZulu-Natal?

Poppies are a type of tropical grass that are native to Africa.

The flowers and leaves that sprout on them are used to make a wide range of fragrant tea and honeydew and are popular in South Africa.

This is the second time that KwaNatal city has been selected as a recipient of the annual Kwa Zulu-English Poppy Plant Fund.

The foundation was set up by the Kwa English Poppy Fund and is aimed at helping farmers throughout South Africa increase their income.

It aims to help them diversify their livelihoods through the cultivation of poppys and other plants, and provides funds for small-scale farming.

The project has been praised by many local people for its sustainability, which has been lauded by the Government and local authorities.

It is hoped that the project will encourage more local farmers to expand their markets and help to provide a better living for their families.

Kwa Natal Mayor Ziyi Ndabela said that the community was very supportive of the project and that it is a great idea for the city to help to diversify the local economy.

She added that the government had been supporting local farmers and was committed to helping the community grow their business.

The Poppy Growers Association of South Africa (PGSA) is a non-profit organisation that works to protect and promote the local industry, and support local farmers.

They have welcomed the announcement of the Poppy Builders Fund as a great opportunity to continue the Poppie Project, which they have been working towards since the 1980s.

The aim of the fund is to help the Poopies Growers (POG) a community-based business that supports local farmers through the growing of Poppy Flowers, Poppy Nuts and Poppys.

The fund will provide seed and fertilizer assistance to farmers to increase their productivity.

The fund will also help farmers increase their profits through growing Poppy Seeds and Nuts.

The program aims to promote sustainable agriculture by providing funds for the cultivation and sale of Poppyposes.

It will also enable farmers to diversification of their farming and support the local community through the sale of their Poppy Seeds and Poppynuts.

The POG has already provided seed assistance for the Poppa Growers to grow Poppy seeds for the first time.

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