How ‘virtually impossible’ to repair the Sydney Opera House without a third of the work required

The Sydney Opera house has been closed for several months due to asbestos exposure, but the city’s first attempt to get it back on the road has been delayed.

The $1.3-billion project to repair it would require more than $400 million and took more than four years to complete.

The city said it has decided to delay the repair because of the risk of an outbreak.

“While the asbestos-related costs have been identified as a significant concern, the cost associated with the repair and the ongoing threat to public health are far more significant,” city spokeswoman Laura McDonough said in an email.

She said the city is working to determine the best path forward.

“It is essential that we get to the right solution as soon as possible to make this building safe again,” McDonoug said.

The Opera House, the world’s biggest concert venue, is the only building in the world where asbestos is a major issue.

The building’s owner, the Australian Opera House Trust, has a contract with the Sydney City Council for $10 million.

The council has been working with the government and private companies to find a solution.

The government is working with a number of private and government entities to develop a design that will address the problem.

The opera house, which was built in 1926, is one of the citys most famous buildings and is one one of its most important attractions.

“The Sydney Opera is a symbol of the human spirit, of the history of Sydney and of our city’s place in the international community,” Mayor Graham Quirk said in a statement.

“This historic building and our city are part of a long history of excellence that has inspired generations of artists and citizens to come together in order to create great art.”

In recent years, the city has been dealing with issues related to asbestos in several other buildings.

The first of those buildings was built as part of the Australian National Exhibition in the 1930s.

In 2015, it was shut down by the city after an investigation found asbestos in the building’s roof.

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