How to avoid a Metal Building Disaster

A metal building collapses, leaving a hole in the ground, and the people who live there can either lose their homes or be forced to move elsewhere.

That’s the case in a New Jersey county near New York City where the city’s emergency manager, Richard Cordray, is looking to build a $2 billion new skyscraper for a $7.4 billion private company.

The problem is that the area where the tower will be built is also home to the largest metal manufacturing plant in the world, which means the building will be more vulnerable to collapse than most of its neighbors.

And the city has already had a dozen building collapses since 2009, all caused by the collapse of a large metal structure.

The state is now asking for $1.2 billion in federal emergency aid to help pay for repairs and reconstruction of the structure.

But the city hasn’t yet announced whether it will go forward with the plan or, if it does, how much money it will provide.

The collapse of the Matson Building in the city of Newark, New Jersey, left at least eight people dead, and its construction has become a flashpoint for tensions between the city and its largest employer, General Motors.

In response to the building’s collapse, the company sued Newark and state officials, alleging that the city is using taxpayer money to pay for construction projects that are in violation of state law.

In addition, GM argued that the company is responsible for any damage to the structure caused by fires or other natural disasters.

In September, the state’s highest court sided with the company.

In a unanimous ruling, the court ruled that the state had to compensate the city for the cost of repairs and for other damages.

As for the Manton Building, the New Jersey state attorney general’s office is suing to force the city to give up the building.

In February, the city agreed to give the city $1 million in the form of cash.

The city is also negotiating to extend the terms of a 10-year lease to the builder, General Dynamics.

The agreement expires in 2020.

In an interview with The Associated Press, a city official said the building would be torn down and that the building owner would be responsible for the damage to it.

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