How a team built a house without using a lot of materials

A team of MIT engineers has built a small house using only scraps of cardboard.

And that’s pretty impressive.

The team behind the project has been working on the idea for nearly two years, with the help of a $30,000 grant from the MIT Media Lab.

The MIT researchers spent weeks building the house using a piece of cardboard from a trash can and recycled paper.

When they took the project on, they realized that the cardboard could be made into a house in about 10 hours.

The house consists of a rectangular building with a ceiling made of a cardboard cube, a door with a cardboard frame, and a few shelves that hold the components of the house.

The researchers didn’t plan on making it into a home, but they did see it as an experiment.

They didn’t want to take on a project with the potential to go bankrupt, so they started with a budget of $10,000, which is a lot less than what they needed to build it.

The idea for the house came to the MIT researchers when they were working on their project.

“We were working in a room in our lab, and I saw a cardboard box with a label on it and asked, ‘What is this?’

I thought, ‘It’s an experiment,'” explains Tessa Goss, one of the researchers behind the house and a doctoral candidate at MIT.

The cardboard box had no structure.

It was made from a cardboard sheet that was cut into thin pieces and glued together.

But this cardboard was a cheap, disposable piece of plastic.

To make it into an actual house, they had to cut out the cardboard and glue the cardboard together again.

“When you’re in a lab, you want to use your imagination and be as innovative as possible, but there’s a lot more to the world than just building something and getting it out,” Goss says.

To build the house, the researchers used scrap cardboard from their trash can.

The box they used is called a house.

When it was cut out, it was about two feet tall.

Then they cut the cardboard in half and then put it in a large, round container.

“You can put it into the toilet, but the toilet has a lid, so you need to be careful when you put it,” Gox says.

Once the cardboard was placed in the container, it had to be put in the freezer to freeze it for about a week before they could use it.

“It was pretty tricky, and it took us a long time,” Gos says.

“And it’s really hard to build a house when you’re trying to make it out of cardboard.”

To get a house from a waste pile, the team made sure they didn’t use too many materials.

The building material was a plastic sheet, which was cut and then sanded.

But it was also recycled paper, which they reused several times.

The materials were recycled from recycled cardboard boxes, which were also recycled, and the cardboard itself, which made up the majority of the materials.

“What you end up with is this little house, that’s about six inches tall,” Gons says.

The rest of the building materials were used to create a few other pieces.

The first house piece is the front door.

The back door is made from an acrylic door frame that was built from cardboard, plastic, and wood, and is made of scrap cardboard.

The middle door is the kitchen.

The outside is a plastic door frame made of cardboard, and each of the kitchen walls is made out of the same material.

And the front porch is made with a wooden frame and cardboard.

Each of the houses was made using two pieces of cardboard: the front and back door, and two pieces for the middle and backyard.

Goss explains that each of those pieces is made up of two pieces, and that the two pieces are glued together, but then you can remove them, so the two sides of the door and the two corners of the backyard can separate.

“In the end, we had this little pile of cardboard,” she says.

She explains that the material used to make each of these pieces is recyclable.

“As soon as you cut the plastic from the cardboard, you don’t waste anything,” Gond says.

There are also a few pieces that are used as insulation, such as the two-foot-long wall of insulation.

“These insulation panels are actually used in this house as an alternative to wood in this area, so it’s a great solution,” Gosh says.

Each house is about five inches tall, so each house will take up about 50 square feet of the home’s space.

To finish off the home, the MIT team added a second roof to make sure the roof isn’t falling.

The roof will have a piece made from wood and cardboard that is glued to it, so that it doesn’t fall.

The only thing left to do is install a few more shelves to hold the kitchen, the living room, and bedrooms.

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