Why We Need Metal Building Homes

The word “metal” has long been associated with home construction, and there’s little doubt it’s an apt description for this new home in rural Ohio. 

The house is called the Wukong build and it was built with the intention of preserving and preserving the land. 

It’s a metal-framed home that will be the first of its kind in the region. 

This house, built to last, was originally meant to be used as a campground. 

“We have a lot of history with wood, so this is a good place to put it in the right context,” said James Krumm, president of Wukong Build, which is located in a rural section of Columbus. 

In addition to preserving the woods, the home also includes a wood-burning fireplace and a wood stove. 

Wood-burning stoves are popular in many parts of the world, and Wukong built a stove specifically for this project. 

Krumm says this stove will heat water from a wood fire, and it will be used to cook meals and wash dishes. 

Wukong Build also made some repairs to the house to make it more resilient to the elements. 

They have added a new roof over the house, and they’ve replaced some of the wood on the floor with natural wood. 

According to Krumms wife, Kirsten, the house was built on the site of the family home and the family is happy to be able to keep this family home going and to be proud of it. 

There are currently no plans for any permanent changes to the home, but Krum and his wife hope to have the structure up and running in two to three years. 

(Images via Wukong) (Photo: WukongBuild) James Krumn says the Wuken build is a project that he hopes to continue into the future. 

He said the project was designed with a view to preserving what remains of the original wood structure, and he is hopeful that this project will bring more attention to this property and to the forest and the wildlife that are found in that area. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Wukuen build, you can visit the Wukien Build website here: https://wukongbuild.com/home/wuken-build/

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