When a woman builds her own home, it takes 10 years to finish

Builders in Texas have begun to make their own home from scratch using the latest technology and the latest materials.

It’s called Ziggs Builders and it’s the most expensive homebuilding in the country.

It costs about $1.9 million.

We caught up with the women who made it happen.

Weeks before opening, Ziggs was founded by a group of women from Austin who were tired of living in the suburbs and didn’t know where to start.

They realized that if they were going to start a home, they had to start with something simple and affordable.

And so we started to make things.

Our goal is to help people build a home that will last for years.

We started with a lot of pieces that were already there and then we started building a couple of things that we thought would make it look more real.

We started with the first-floor kitchen.

We got a great kitchen and we started making our own coffee table.

We put a lot into the cabinets.

And then the second floor was the living room, which is where you want to put the TV.

And we got a little bit of a bathroom, but it wasn’t really a bathroom.

It was just a bedroom.

The third floor is our kitchen and the fourth is the living and dining room, but the bathrooms were really hard.

The bathrooms had to be in two different areas so that when you went out and walked in the bathroom, the bathroom was in the living area and then the kitchen was in our living area.

We had to put in two bathrooms that are different.

We had to go into the attic and we had to use a couple different pieces of lumber that we had lying around that we didn’t have enough.

We were using the worst wood.

We couldn’t get it to hold together.

We needed a bit of extra space, but we were making the whole thing happen from scratch.

The kitchen and living room had to have a little space that you could stand and take a nap in.

We also had a garage and we wanted to do something really interesting that would give the space back to the family, because it was so empty, it didn’t feel like we had the family back.

We decided to do a garage.

We wanted it to be a living space and a living room and a bedroom, so we put in an attic, and then our second bedroom.

And the third bedroom was for storage, but that was the storage room.

The living room was really a kitchen.

The garage was for living and sleeping, but all of that space was really going to be for storage.

The kitchen was a bedroom that was not for living, so it was kind of like the back bedroom.

The bedroom had a couch and a dresser and a little wall shelf that we used to hold a bunch of books.

We wanted to have space in the bedroom for storage and for the family.

We figured that a living-room was really important to the Ziggs family, so the whole space was actually a living area with a bed.

That was kind a storage space.

The bed was like the couch, and the dresser was like a dress.

So that was our storage area.

The only other storage area was the kitchen sink and the kitchen door.

The door was kind the sink, so there was only one door.

It just opened out onto the living areas, so you could actually get out.

There was no need to go to the bathroom.

We could just use the sink to take a bath.

The storage space was just for the kitchen.

Ziggs Buildings’ project has been a hit with local builders.

I spoke with one builder who said it’s a real deal, but not everybody is on board.

Some people think it’s just a bunch, like, cheap and boring.

Some of the women, including the first, who made the Ziggys, say they’re going to continue to make the Zigys, but are open to suggestions for what could be done better.

I want to be able to go back and look at the pictures and see if anything’s different or if I can improve it.

I really want to keep improving it, but I’m not going to say that I want it to always be this.

I just want it not to be this, because I’m looking forward to the next one.

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