How to resume building a pole-built home in Kerala

The first step is to identify the pole and its structural integrity.

“The pole must be built with the proper amount of steel and be able to withstand its bending and flexures,” says Mr Kumar, the builder.

“Its strength must be in the neighbourhood of 25 tonnes and it should have a maximum diameter of 25 metres.

“Another option is the horizontal one, where the pole is made of two parts and then the sides are built separately.” “

A vertical pole is the simplest and cheapest option, but it takes around two months to build,” he adds.

“Another option is the horizontal one, where the pole is made of two parts and then the sides are built separately.”

A horizontal pole is more expensive, but the construction process can be sped up if the pole has a diameter of 12 metres.

“There are many other options to build a pole, and there are also some advantages,” he says.

“For instance, you can build a horizontal pole in one or two days, while a vertical pole can take around five months.”

“In addition, if you build the pole at an angle, you will be able not only to install it but also to bend it with the hand,” he explains.

The building process is then repeated until the pole’s weight has been reduced to less than 10 per cent of its original weight.

This weight reduction is known as ‘gravitational bending’.

It’s crucial to be able bend the pole safely to the vertical and horizontal planes in order to prevent the pole from falling off the ground.

“We have done a lot of research to find a suitable pole and it takes time to find the right material and get it right,” he notes.

“You need to have the correct equipment, the proper tools and the proper construction plan.” “

If you are building a house, you need to be prepared for the construction work to be more complex,” he warns.

“You need to have the correct equipment, the proper tools and the proper construction plan.”

The pole builder has to build the structure and assemble it using the right tools.

“It takes a lot more time and a lot less equipment than building a standard house,” he observes.

A pole is a very durable building material.

“At least a few weeks are required for the pole to be completely solid and rigid,” he confirms.

A house built in this way will be a ‘tender pole’, as it will be strong enough to withstand a natural earthquake, even if it has been weakened by an earthquake.

“Our goal is to build houses with a minimum of structural damage,” says the builder, “and the pole will help us achieve this.”

A pole will cost around Rs 2,000 per sq ft and takes around three to four months to construct, depending on the thickness of the material used.

“So, we are not able to manufacture them. “

However, the material is of low quality, and the poles are a little bit heavier than the rest of the building materials,” he admits.

“So, we are not able to manufacture them.

This is the reason why we are building poles in Kerala.”

The builders are using materials from China, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Indonesia, to make the poles.

They have spent around Rs 200,000 on their construction and a total of Rs 3.5 crore on the construction of the house, according to their website.

“In case we can get the material from China or India, we would be happy to buy it from them,” he promises.

The pole builders are now making the pole for sale at a price of Rs 2 lakh per sq foot.

“This is the cheapest option for the first house.

In addition, it gives the building owners the option to build their own house,” Mr Kumar says.

The builder has completed four poles, and he plans to add another one to the site.

“When we have more poles, we will build more houses.

We are planning to build six houses,” he predicts.

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