Building permit granted to new tower block in Auckland

Building permits for a new apartment building in Auckland’s Auckland CBD are to be granted to two developers, paving the way for a large new building to be built in the area.

The two developers have been granted building permits for the new development on two properties.

The buildings will be built on the same site as the existing building on which the existing development sits.

The developer will also build a new building on the site and the existing structure will be demolished.

Developer Peter McRae has applied for the building permit to build on the former site of the old Building Society building, which is currently used as an office building.

McRae and his partner have secured a conditional building permit for the development, which will be a 20 storey tower with four residential units and retail space.

The developers have also secured the building licence from the city council, which has been granted conditional permission to proceed with the building on an industrial site.

Auckland Council’s deputy executive director for planning, John Kelly, said he was confident the approvals would be given in time.

“We’re confident that we will get the permits we need.

I don’t think the building will be on the market in 2019.”

“The site is ideal for this type of development because it has a lot of land to develop on.

The site is quite well developed, there are good views of the river and the city centre.”

Kelly said the council was keen to have the development go ahead, adding the site had “an amazing amount of potential”.

“It’s one of the biggest properties in the CBD, so we’re hoping it will get off the ground soon and the site can become a vibrant and exciting commercial and residential site.”

The council has been working on the design and planning for the project since last year, when the developer proposed the project.

Kelly described the proposal as “really interesting”.

“It seems like a very exciting project, a real change in the market,” he said.

He said it was still a matter of “work-in-progress” and it would be a while before the project would be completed.

Construction will start in the second half of 2020 and be completed by the end of 2021.

‘The project will become a thriving and exciting development’The development is part of the wider development of the area surrounding the new Auckland CBD precinct, which includes an arena, a new shopping centre and new offices.

Equality Auckland chief executive Kate Taylor said the approvals showed that the development was moving forward on schedule.

“[The developers] have secured the site, which we think is fantastic, so it’s just a matter now of getting the site ready,” she said.

“The project is going to become a lively and exciting project and hopefully it will be up and running in the end.”

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